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925 and 999 Sterling Silver, and What’s So Good About It?

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925 and 999 Sterling Silver, and What’s So Good About It?

Boasting a beautiful colour with a stylish sheen – it's not hard to see why sterling silver jewellery is timeless and sophisticated. In this post, we are going to explain what sterling silver is and to discuss the benefits of wearing sterling silver jewellery.

925 and 999 are the purity mark of the silver composition. 999 sterling silver is made up of 99.9% of silver, also known as fine silver or pure silver. It is relatively soft, malleable and easily damaged. Therefore, the most common way to make pure silver more versatile is to add 7.5% of other metal and that metal is usually copper. The small amount of alloy added to sterling has very little effect on the jewellery's value. Instead, the price of sterling silver jewellery is mostly affected by the labour involved.


The Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Jewellery


Do you know people who suffer from nickel allergy are unaware of the sources, which are their jewellery? Especially people who wear fast fashion types of jewellery, because you simply can't tell their differences between sterling silver and silver-plated (all explained here) at first glance and silver-plated things have way more attractive price tags. However, once the silver-plate starts to wear off over time and the base metal directly contacts your skin, allergies could then happen. These allergies can result in itchy, irritated skin and unsightly scabs, which is why you should avoid nickel altogether if you do not want to suffer an allergic reaction.



If you take care of your jewellery correctly, sterling silver can last you a lifetime, providing you with timeless pieces that you always treasure, and perhaps pass on to future generations as an heirloom! It worth paying a little extra for true sterling silver jewellery because the quality and longevity of your piece far outweigh the cost.



Over time, sterling silver jewellery still oxidise. The oxidation is actually the result of a chemical reaction between the silver and sulphur-containing substances in the air – it is completely natural. The good news is looking after sterling silver jewellery is extremely easy.

The speed of oxidising can be slowed down if you store in properly in an air-tight bag or a jewellery box (here) to minimise contact with air. The lovely shine on your jewellery can be restored with a specialist varnish and clean cloth (here). Looking for something more professionally done? All By Me customers can always send you By Me jewellery to us for professional maintenance, contact us here.

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