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🌬️ Just a friendly reminder: Our Silversmithing workshop has always been a cool oasis with air conditioning to ensure your crafting experience is comfortable. ✨ 🌬️ Just a friendly reminder: Our Silversmithing workshop has always been a cool oasis with air conditioning to ensure your crafting experience is comfortable. ✨

Our Story


Handmade jewellery with love & excellence craftsmanship for you and your love ones.

Elvina and David, are the brains and driving force behind By Me Workshop in Brisbane since 2017. Elvina began her jewellery journey in 2008. Despite her love and passion in the jewellery industry, Elvina has been suffering from severe skin allergies due to sub-standard pieces of jewellery. The metal contained in your jewellery setting can cause allergy symptoms to those that have a sensitivity to it. It is also challenging to identify impurities in jewellery with naked eyes. The result? People who have been suffering from skin allergy problems may not be aware of the source could be from their jewellery collection!

After accumulating 15+ years of experience in almost every aspect in the jewellery industry, Elvina and David cofounded, By Me, their boutique jewellery studio in 2017. When it comes to jewellery, purity is essential. By Me only uses 925, 999 sterling silver and natural gemstones as the primary material to ensure our pieces are friendly to sensitive skin. Every piece of By Me jewellery is 100% pure and free from harmful alloys that could cause irritation. Click here to view our wide selection of fine, handcraft pieces that marries the elegance of high-quality design and the joy of reasonable pricing. 


By Me WorkshopBy Me Workshop


Not only By Me creates unique, handcraft pieces, we also work closely with clients who commission one-off pieces to express your personality and unique lifestyle. We guide our clients every step throughout the journey, from selecting the right material, choosing the right sizes and creating that perfect design. Please feel free to tell us what your dream piece looks like, and we will start making it into a reality.

While we have been living a life of silver and gold, mass production of a craft becomes much more common; it fails to promote the best in industry. By Me regularly collaborates with up-and-coming young designers to create new collections. We see it as a way for us to support and give back to the industry that has taught us so many valuable skills and opportunities.

What better way to ensure your wedding or commitment rings hold special meaning than to handcraft them yourselves in a fabulous private jewellery workshop? Our silversmith workshops have been extremely popular and are great fun. In 2-3 hours, you can make your very own custom jewellery piece all from scratch—the best of all, no prior experience required. Bookings are essentials; please check out our class schedule here.



We would love you to be a part of our story, sharing how you wear your By Me jewellery so we can continue to convey the intimacy of handmade pieces with our beautiful online community. Keep in touch, find us in all socials, tag us online, we would love to hear from you.


By Me WorkshopBY Me Workshop