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ByMe Workshop FAQ


Price Related

How much is the workshop? Any extra fees? 

Our Workshop price for the rings starts from $130*(Twist Ring) and $185-$235* (3mm-6mm Rings) depends on what you want to make, you can see the prices from our menu.
Totoal Price=$100 Depoist per person payable to Book + remaining on the day
The price includes all (silver materials & tools you need) There will be no extra fee unless over size or extra material needed. Please see our workshop menu for Price Guide :


Are the Prices Per Person ? How to calculate the prices?

Yes, all the price on our menu is for one piece ( Please noted:all attendees need to make at least 1 piece.)
For example if you choose to make 5mm Wood Ring X1 (the price is $215 )and 4mm wood ring X1 (the prices is $200 ) So the total price will be $215+200=$415
And deducted your $100 deposit per person so the remaining will be 415-200(deposit for 2) =215
(There will be no extra fee unless over size or extra material needed)

What is the price for love matching rings, is it for 1 ring or 2 rings?

All the price on our menu is for one piece, to make a set of heart matching rings you will need to make 2 rings to make a matching set.
( *You can choose different ring width for the set)
 For example: If you choose to make 4mm X1 (the price is $240 )and 6mm X1 (the prices is $280 ) So the total price will be $240+280= $520
And deducted your $100deposit per person so the remaining will be
(There will be no extra fee unless over size or extra material needed.)

How much is the deposit ?How to pay?

Our Deposit is $100 Per Person which will be deducted from your final payment
(* No bookings will be reserved until deposit settled )
You can pay Deposit online or Transfer to our account:
NAME: ByMe BSB: 084-399  ACC:44912-9074

Is there any special bundle price?

Yes, we do have special bundle price for our stacking rings and Bangles. ( 
Stacking Rings Bundle Special:
You get 2nd pieces for $25 extra ( The same style only.)
For example: If you choose to make 1mm Twist Ring X1 (the price is $130)and And the second piece will be $25 so the Total will be $130+25=$155
(For 2 pieces of 1mm Twist ring )
*But if you choose to have different style stacking rings (for example 1 twist ring and 1 stacking collection ring) there will be no bundle special
Stacking Bangles Bundle Special:

You get 2nd pieces for $60 extra ( The same style/same person only.)


Available Date/ Time / Sessions


How long will the workshop take?

2.5-3 hours


When is the next available workshop? Whats your Workshop Sessions?
We have 2 sessions per day: 10.00am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm
Contact us If you have any desire date/time, we'll check the availability for you




How to make booking? 

  1. See Menu for the Prices & Styles + Read Terms of Services
  2. Filed out Booking form
  3. Find out availability for your preference date/Time with our reply email
  4. Once availability confirm -Pay deposit ($100Per person)
  5. Received booking confirmation


Whats the easiest way to make booking?


See Menu for the Prices & Styles + Read Terms of Services first

Contact Us by 

EmailMessage / Phone (0401980965 Elvina) with your booking details :

(Prefer Booking date/time ,Number of attendees, what type of  jewellery would you like to make)

Then we will guide you through the Easy booking process :)



Size & Style


Do I need to choose styles/know our Size beforehand ?

You don’t need to know about your size as we will measure your size onsite to make sure its 100% fit. And The menu is just give you an idea first, you can make your final decision of the styles on arrival when you see our samples onsite.


How can i measure the size if its for a surprise gift?


If you are making a surprise gift for someone else, what you can do is

  1. You can bring one of his/her ring it  will help
  2. or we have measurement tool on our website: you can print it out and use it to  measure the sizes.  


Would it be possible to make different styles at the same workshop?


Yes, you don't need to make the same thing, you can choose anything from our menu


What’s Custom DIY Class? 

If there’s any special style you want to make which is out of our menu, you can send us a picture to evaluate if its doable also get a quotes for it .


Can I do stone setting at your class?


Our 3 hours silversmith Workshop is beginner friendly which you can learn basic silversmith skills and techniques.

However Stone Setting required much more skill & practice, not for beginners. So you won't be able to do it in your first class. My suggestion is you can try our begginger friendly class first and see if you like it, then maybe we can organise or design a custom workshop for you to do the stone setting.Or you can have your stone setting custom made by us :)



Gift Card/ Gift Voucher


How to purchase workshop E-Gift Voucher ?

Yes You can purchase our workshop gift voucher on our website: ( with your desired amount)

*if you wish to received a hard copy of our gift voucher you can choose post at checkout( Postage applied)


When I purchase the gift card online, do I use my own details or the persons details who I am gifting it to?

Please use your details as you are the one who purchased


Can I write message on E-Gift Voucher ?

Yes, Please put your message in the special instruction when you checkout :) And you will received a separate E gift Card which you can send it to the receiver.  


Whats the average price for a workshop gift voucher?


As a gift voucher most popular amount is $50-$100, if you would like a specific amount which for the receiver don't need to pay anything, please let us know we can create a special amount link for you.


Whats the average price for a couple to get the voucher to?


For our most POPULAR styles, most people choose 5mm width & 4mm width, which the total will be $384 for both. Please see our menu here:



Age Related


Can 2 people make 1 product together? Do you allow visitors in your workshop?


No, All attendees need to make at least 1 product and to maintain the best quality of our workshop there will be No visitors allowed.


How old is the youngest age for your workshop?


Children below 15 years of age would require an adult supervision.( Both adult and the children need to make at least one product each)  As there will be some tools might be a bit dangerous to young children. Our workshop will require at least 2.5-3hours concentration. However, we suggest at least 12 years+ (*special consideration can be negotiate)





Where is your workshop Location?

Our workshop is a private studio located in the heart of Calamvale on the outskirts/south suburb of Brisbane.(5 minutes drive from Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre)This dedicated space allows you to spend some quality time in a relax and romantic atmosphere with your loved ones.

*Address will only be provided to successful applicants. Once the deposit settled, all the details will be provided in our confirmation message.





What's the Material you use?


Pure S999 Silver no coating, it is safe to wear for sensitive skin. you can wear everyday and long lasting.

*S925 Silver also available to suit your needs


Do you offer Gold workshop?


We only do silver workshop at moment but we can do gold for custom made.

If you want to do gold, it's worth to try with silver first, less cost but very similar process.


Cancel & Reschedule  


How to cancel or reschedule my booking?

 Refund Policy

 Full deposit Refund is available if cancellation is made 5 days

before the appointment date. 50% Refund is available if cancellation is made 3 days before the appointment date.

if notification less than 3 days No Refund will apply.


 Reschedule Policy

What happens to my reschedule booking? Will it expired?

We will hold your deposit as Credit for Rescheduling, so you don't need to book again. Deposit on hold means you will have the first priority to take the next booking. All you need to do is info us your next prefer date (when you know) and there will be no Expired date for your deposit on hold.

 Full Deposit Credit is available if Reschedule is made 3 days

before the appointment date.

50% Deposit Credit is available if Reschedule is made less than 2 days before the appointment date.

20% Deposit Credit available if Reschedule on the day.

 Every appointment can be rescheduled twice.

 No Show Policy

 If no sufficient notice is provided beforehand on the day of

the appointment, we will hold the booking for 20 mins, after that it will be

treated as no show. Booking will be Cancelled for No Show and no deposit refund will apply.




Whats the Payment Method?


We accept cash/transfer and card ( 2% surcharge applied )


Are there any Payment Plans? How does it Work?


We don't normally do payment plans, for some special circumstance we can do Afterpay. As we only do Afterpay online, we will create a special link for Afterpay payment of your remain amount, once you decided  what you want to make onsite     Contact us for more details.


   Our Workshops spots are filling fast, Limit Seats Available,
Apply Now!!! 


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